Branding & Corporate Identity

Visibility is essential to the success of any business. Because many businesses are fighting for web presence, you need to consistently establish your identity and brand. You need an established, well defined presence. We can help.

Client Testimonial

I went with Designs by Jon not really knowing what I was looking for, and they certainly opened my eyes to what is possible and delivered beyond that. Their service and abilities are top-notch and we recommend them where ever we can.

Ian Coombe

Corporate identity

Corporate identity is a visual and conceptual identity. It is imagery that represents who and what your business is about. Without it, your business is lost in the maze of websites fighting for the top spot in your niche.

Everything from colour schemes to shapes and patterns can play a part in your visual corporate identity. Once established, your imagery needs to be used consistently throughout every form of advertisement, media and product that is associated with your company. It is this consistency that helps to build your corporate identity.

We can help you design and establish the imagery that makes up your corporate identity. Our knowledgeable designers understand what it takes to form memorable imagery that accurately represents your company.


Your business can be the best in the business, but without proper web exposure and branding, you won't rank well in your market niche. Success online requires establishing your corporate identity through frequent, memorable interaction with customers and potential customers.

To build your brand, you need to know your customers - who they are, their needs, and their desires. We can help you determine these characteristics.

Branding isn't just about your visible presence; it's about perception in product quality and customer service. We can help you maintain that high quality your customers expect so that your corporate identity is directly associated with nothing but the best.

By using an integrated back office, we give you the ability to collect data and segment it for more accurate branding. We will help you design and establish your corporate identity and your brand.