Digital Advertising

No company operating online will reach its potential without advertising. We specialise in all forms of digital advertising and marketing. Our marketing specialists know the best way to market your business and drive targeted leads straight to your website. With so many different ways to advertise, we'll get you on your way to claiming your share of the market.

Client Testimonial

Designs by Jon's proactive, professional and innovative approach has resulted in a highly interactive website which enables us to communicate effectively and efficently with our car community.

Darryl Elliot

Search engine marketing

Search enging marketing (SEM) refers to marketing strategies that promote websites through search engine visibility. We know how to optimise your site for search engine visibility both through a natural progression and paid search advertising that helps increase exposure and traffic.

Search engine optimisation

Search engine optimisation (SEO)is a technique that requires the content of the site to follow keyword principles in order to rank high for keyword searches. Our knowledgeable writers know just what to say and how to say it to increase your keyword ranking.

Banner advertising

Through banner advertising we can display your brand and spotlight products on the most popular websites relevant to your targeted audience. Using bright and interesting banners, we can effectively market your products and services globally.

Email marketing

This powerful tool is a very effective way to keep existing customers returning to your site and bring new customers in. Often, email campaigns consist of sending regular newsletters to your subscriber base, but that's not all we can do with email marketing. We will take your marketing campaign to the next level with our creative email marketing strategies.