E-Commerce Solutions

At Designs by Jon your shopping cart solution is customised to the needs and style of your business and is easily integrated with any payment gateway. When you need an e-commerce solution, we will build your product catalogue and shopping cart to fit your products and your style.

Client Testimonial

Designs by Jon offers a no fuss, personal and very professional service. His experience in this work shows and we highly recommend him.

Ned and the Kellys

Automated process

You have enough to do without being concerned about your online store. We offer automated solutions for all of your e-commerce needs including sending forms and invoices for orders and payment gateways. Your automated system can keep track of your visitors, sales, inventory, and send an email when you have a new order. Automation is a great addition to every e-commerce site.

Products selection

Our e-commerce solutions allow you to update, add, or delete products as necessary. You can even add customisable options like monograms or logos to your products. You can even keep track of your inventory and add pictures with ease. You can display your products in multiple categories for better visibility, or cross sell specific products. You set your prices and add discounts and discount codes.

Payment systems

With our e-commerce solutions, you can select the payment type that works best for you. Our shopping cart designs can be integrated with the most popular third party payment systems like PayPal. If you have a merchant account, your shopping cart can be customised to flow with it seamlessly. You can even manage currencies with up to date exchange rates.

Administrative backend

Administration is an important part of your shopping cart. You need sales reports, profit and loss reports, inventory reports, and other important information to help you keep track of your products. All of your security features and other product management options are easy to access and easy to use.


Security is absolutely essential when you deal with the exchange of money online. Our shopping carts use the latest security measures to ensure the safety of your customers' information. All payment information is stored either at their bank or on the third party's server, not on your website, minimising the chance of information being stolen. We use secure certificates with SSL encryption when sending customer information. For additional security, you can choose which countries you do or do not want to allow to shop at your online store. If you use a third party payment gateway, we will display their logo to add assurance of your security measures. We do our best to help you protect your customers' information.